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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Emulators


Chip 8


Robert G


Chip 8 emulator for the GP32






Coded from scratch over the last few days specifically for the GBAX contest.

I have included the chip8/superchip rom sets from all renamed with GP32 friendly names. Copy c8.fxe and the chip8 folder into GPMM.

Most games should work fine, apart from Tetris (collision detection errors, can't get this game to work in the other Chip 8 emulators either) and some which use more keys than the GP32 can handle.


Use up/down to select a game and press A to start.

When on the select screen press select to redefine the keys. Move the cursor to the key you want to change, press A, then press the GP32 key you want to bind when prompted. Press start to exit key define mode. Most games should work fine with the default setup, however a noteable exception is "Car" where you must bind chip8 key 8 to Right on the GP32 joypad.

When playing a game press start to go back to the menu.


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