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Gamepark32 Emulation

Gamepark 32 BLU + Review

I recently brought a Gamepark 32 or better known as GP32 which is one ot the worlds most powerful handhelds, i brought mine from now the worlds only supplier of the GP32 , ( An excellent UK importer of many consoles and gaming gear), the version i have is whats been named the BLU+ version and it uses a different LCD screen.

This new LCD Screen. ?

The new screen in the BLU + GP32 is Taiwanese as opposed to the Samsung Screen used in older GP32s, The main problem is a line at the top which is garbled and it does make games/emulators etc unplayable or at the least very annoying. Lik Sang have seemingly dropped the GP32 BLU + at this time because of the complaints about this but in reality Gamepark themselves have made a big error inb this one. That said theres lots of new software that is BLU+ compatible and the future looks great because of the GP32 Scene sites like GP32 Xtreme and GP32 Spain, so my advice is that if you want a GP32 then just go ahead and get one ;).

The Console

The Gamepark 32 is a white console with quite a big screen on it (looks like a wider screened version of a GBA screen), it has 2 buttons on the front and also a select and start button with also 2 buttons on the top of the console (one each side), theres also an headphone socket, extension port, power port and USB port. It has let and right speakers for stereo sound too.

Commercial Software

Heres the area that the GP32 has never done well in, the commercial games for the GP32 are to be honest Rubbish, avoid them like the plague ;).

Homebrew and Emulators

The main reason to buy a GP32 has to be the fact that its an Emulation fans dream console, so many systems are emulated on the GP32 its mouth watering, some of the best are Castaway (atari ST), DR MD (megadrive/genesis), GP Engine (PC Engine) and Opensnes9x GP (super nintendo) and theres so many more to choose from.

Then you have all the multimedia programs like Divx players, MP3 players, photo apps, the list is endless and so many are of great quality.

Finally you have the Homebrew games and ports, the pick of the crop are ports of Doom, Quake and ScummVM and the Fenix interpreter not to mention GP Final War and the Smash Brothers clone.


Installing the GP32 was a breeze, make sure your SMC card is already inserted then connect the USB lead to the GP32 then turn on both your console and PC, if like me you brought your GP32 from you dont have to worry about flashing bios and other such weird ness, (the older GP32s and ones brought from Lik Sang had to be flashed/ verified. Thankfully i didnt have to go through that.)

I installed the software after the drivers had been found and then formatted my card so its ready for use, simple operation thankfully. I then thought it was time to try out some software and the first one to try was the excellent Megadrive emulator DR MD, well after i changed the LCD screen to Taiwanese the emulator played great, fans of retro emulation will fall over heals with this console. The good thing about the GP32 is the amount of great free software and exciting addons like the GP32 Keyboard.

GP32 BLU + Good or Bad ?

The Bad

Changing of the LCD has caused problems with many games/software.

No decent commercial games for it.

Uses Batterys (rechargeable packs should be the mainstay these days

The Good

Nice console with big lcd screen.

Masses of Free Software including emulators, homebrew and multimedia.

Many new free software coming out on a weekly basis.

Awesome communitys from sites like GP32 Xtreme and GP32 Spain


If you want the latest commercial games then this console isnt for you, i suggest sticking with the Nintendo DS or PSP but if your a fan of emulation then this is the Dream console for you, the tons of free software has to be seen to be believed, the price for the console is decent too. Well worth the money i spent :)


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