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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Ports/Applications

Doom GP32 Page

Authors Homepage =

Authors Name = Craig

Port of the classic Doom for the GP32.

New BLU + and Test Version HERE

Download from Here

Ultimate GP Doom V9 Final - August 29th.
By Tom Forsyth, Craig Rothwell, Rob Brown

Changes V9 Final (some from V9 test):

- File is 600k now, this isn't bloat, B2fxc no longer works with it,
if you can make a successful compressed fxe please get in touch.
- sounds are stereo and directional.
From the main menu, the sound can be swapped left/right which is
necessary if you are listening through headphones.
- saves seem to work.
Saves are a bit slow, up to 6 or 7 seconds. It has been seen (on a
card that was formatted in a card reader under Windows 2000) that
saves can take up to 60 seconds. For cards that have been formatted
in Gamepark's PC-link software, there doesn't seem to be a problem.
We'll keep an eye on this, if there are many problems we'll try to
fix it.
- WAD loading. GPDoom automatically detects IWADs (full games) in the
/GAME/DOOM folder and allows them to be selected as the main game.
That means that WADs such as TNT and Plutonia now appear in the Game
selection rather than as an added WAD. NOTE: Plutonia has not been
- Also, one extra WAD (PWAD) can be loaded.
In a future version of the game, we may support loading multiple extra
WADs. Also, we may support the loading of other files such as LMPs
(recorded demos).
- Menu selections are saved when you start a game, and restored when you
start GPdoom.
- New clock speed options, as low as 40MHz and as high as 166MHz for
those lucky enough to be able to run at that speed.
- On the main menu, when selecting the starting level, the 'B' button
steps backward through the levels. Also, there is a "don't auto-start"
option which will not start a game at all. May be useful for people
who like to watch demos.
- Weapon-changing has been altered, there should now be no problem with
getting stuck in "strafe" mode. The weapon selection cycles through
only the weapons that you are currently carrying.
- Full-screen mode has been changed, so that your hand/weapon should
appear in the correct position. Also, statistics are visible in
full-screen mode.
- The status bar has been removed from the intermission screen.
- Automap zooming works - when on the automap, hold down 'Select' and
move the joystick left and right.
- The Adlib (music) synthesiser is disabled when music volume is set to
its minimum, so if your game is running slow, this may help.
- Save games are now stored in separate folders for each game. This
means that 6 games can be saved for each Doom game. The folders are
created automatically by GPdoom, you don't have to do anything. If
there is an extra WAD loaded, the save game folder will be named after
the extra WAD, if there is no extra WAD loaded the save game folder
will be named after the main WAD.
- You can quit from the game, by using the "Quit Doom" option on the
Doom menu. This resets the GP32.
- Similarly, you can end a game (go back to the demo/title screen) with
the "End Game" option which is in the "Options" menu in Doom.
- When GPdoom is asking you a question, such as "Are you sure you want
to quit DOOM?" or "Are you sure you want to enable Nightmare mode?",
press 'B' for yes, or 'Start' for no. That is, when you want to quit
from inside a game, press 'Start' to get the Doom menu, then move the
skull to the Quit Game option, press 'A' to select the option, and
then 'B' to actually quit.
- There may be a cheat option??? We'll keep it a little secret for


Changes V8:

The classic Doom music is now supported thanks to Robert Brown!

The Doom sound menu can now be used to increase/decrease music and sound volume.

The sound bug should now be gone forever as this is a new sound engine, no clicking either :)

This version can only run in 133MHZ, but slower modes will return in later versions for
battery life :)


Setting up:
Put GPdoomV8.fxe into your GPMM dir.

Put your wad files into GP:/GAME/DOOM (Create the DIR GAME, then DOOM, then put the .WAD files in that DIR), these are NOT included, you will need to download them seprately, the shareware wad is free and can be found all over the web (doom1.wad)

Games supported are:
Doom shareware (doom1.wad)
Doom commercial/registered/ultimate (doom.wad)
Doom II (doom2.wad)

Choosing game:
The game you want can be selected from the main menu.

Running more than the menu supports:
You can make other doom games run just by renaming files (TNT, plutonia etc.)

Level/Episode Select:
You can select your level from the menu, beware though that some doom wads are diffrent from
others and there may be levels missing, if you choose a level and it seems to never load turn
on 'Boot messages' to see why its not loading. I've done my best to make the selector intelegent

The code is almost 100% the PC code totally in C with next to no optimisations. Think about that ;)

Changes v7:

*optimisations removed but it works - quick fix, still 60FPS. *

Well, its 350% faster, good enough? Doom 2 should be 60fps you can even choose to go over that
and have a blast at 80fps if you want to.

If anything slows down its just because its reading from the SMC.

The speed increase is of course because the previous versions were running at 40MHZ - you
can now choose your CPU speed, the menu explains the advantages of each speed. Its defaulted
to 133MHZ.

Unfortunately the GP32 sound bug has reared its head at 133mhz, thats why its a bit clicky.

However the horrible sound breaking randomly bug is fixed :)

Just a note on weapons changes - you may think pressing l/r and nothing happening is a bug - its
similay that you don't have that weapon, just press again, if the next weapon up exists you
will get it etc.

Changes v6:
More options, 15% faster.

They might work, they might not, use the level select. Saves are broken because of an issue
with the GCC compiler, I don't have time to move to ADS, the source code is available,
genrally the saves will work until you turn off the console.

Changes v5
should be about 15% faster

Brightness option:
Doom is already running in the top level of gamma, this option turns on my own palette
brightning code, it can't really go much higher as the higher it goes the more colours you
lose at the top end of the palette, but i think what i've set it to is a good setting to
keep the 'dark' areas darkish and the light areas not looking all white. See what you think.

Graphics detail option:
Switches between full GP32 res (the gp32 screen is of a higher resolution than the original PC version)

Or the lower PC res (320*240) set to low detail, this runs nice and looks fine on the gp32 screen I think.

ZX Spectrum mode/ C64 mode - this is just a bit of fun, British humour and all.

They work, MOSTLY! There is some kind of bug where the GP32 IO lib dies during the game for reasons unknown and you cannot see your saved games, they are not gone, just reset to get
them back. Annoying i know, but i so little time to work on this.

Controls slightly altered (see control screen)

You cannot load extra wad files yet, it crashes for some reason, i'm working on it.

It will load whatever doom game wad is in the dir, in order, doom shareware, doom, doom 2 etc.

Just put one in at a time to play them.

I accept no responsibility for this program destroying your smc, gp32, life.


Doom engine V4





Ultimate Doom

I would like to know some things:

Have you had your save files become corrupt?

Have you seen the spectrum bug happen?


A small update with fixed saves + it saves the file as the name of the level :)

I've not tested it much so tell me if you find any errors:

wad files in gp://game/doom

fxe in gpmm


To be done:

Brightness option (actually already done this but needs a menu)
level manager thing
support for heretic etc.
jump mod


Based on Tom Forsyths original doom GP32 port from last year.


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