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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Emulators




Reesey (sponsored by GBAX)


Megadrive emulator for the GP32



v4.1 25th October 2005

- Added genesis rom banking, this fixes games like Earthworm Jim 1 + 2 which require banking to be emulated when SRAM is being emulated as well. This will hopefully fix a lot of the other games that have stopped working since SRAM support was added.
- DrMD now supports up to 512 roms again, 4.0 used an old version of the smc library which only supports up to 128.
- I've also added some of the older version of DrMD to the download section

V4.0 22nd October 2005

- Fixed DMA emulation - Contra - Hard Corps now fixed
- Added SRAM emulation - fixes PGA golf, yay! This has meant a change to
the save state format and menu options. Saves states from version 3.0
and Beta 11 will load on version 4.0 but version 4.0 save states will not
load on older versions.
- Mega Bomberman now working again, I screwed up the Cyclone core in
the Beta 11 release.
- Menu still at 40Mhz but scrolling background is back by popular demand
Menu now switches to 133Mhz when uncompressing roms and other cpu intensive

Ver 3.0 DrMD August 27th 2005 Here
- Could not get a Beta out to my beta testers so decided to just release
a new version, hopefully everything is okay but if its not let me know
on the GP32X forums
- DrMD now built using Cyclone core updated by Notaz, fixes alot of games
- Fixed the split screen bug that occasionally happens when entering the
menu. If it happens any more let me know :)

Beta 9 Here July 23rd 2005

- Some more Cyclone fixes, basically re-wrote all the changes I made before to the divu,divs,asl,asr etc. Hopefully they work now :)
- Added Stop opcode to Cyclone - Fixes Thunderforce IV
- Added support for the Genesis display mode that allows different
vertical scroll values for each column on the screen. This fixes the rocket level on Gunstar Heroes

v2.0 Here


Discuss here -->

Rewrote sound rendering engine in order to make DAC emulation
more accurate.
Fixed FM timer emulation - they were running to slowly, this
caused slow music in games such as Outrun.
Added support for v1.0 save states
Fixed pallet problems in Another World. I was masking the
pallet data with #F000 rather than #0xF000.


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