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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Ports/Applications

Name = Duke Nukem 3D

Authors Homepage =

Download Here 27th September 2005

Authors Name = Woogal

How to play -

1. Get some data files (tested with the atomic edition, but I assume the shareware version will work too) and put them in gpmm/duke3d/ (don't ask me what files you need as I just copied everything, exe's 'n all)
2. Edit duke3d.cfg and assign your controls (stick=up, down, left, right keys; start=Enter; select=Space; a=LCtrl; b=LAlt; left trigger=BakSpc; right trigger=Tab).
3. Run and wait. You'll get a white screen for around 20 seconds before the game starts. For nlu users, the opening screen is very dark so if you just see black then look closer.
4. To navigate the menus use a to select and b to go back.
5. To return to the menu when in the game press start+select.

What doesn't work yet? -

Saving and loading (although config file will save if you exit).

How fast is it? -

Seems full speed to me . Tested by running a version on linux and seeing roughly how long it takes to run from one place to another. Seemed to be the same time on both linux and the gp32. I was getting serious slow down when the game first started for a while, but on the last couple of test runs that had mysteriously gone. If it does slow down then try waiting a while as I think it may be to do with refilling the image cache.

Does it crash after a while or at certain points? -

Don't know. Not played far into the first level yet, but so far no random crashes.

Will this work for me? I can't overclock well -

This isn't overclocked. It's running at 132mhz .



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