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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Ports/Applications

Elite The New Kind GP32 Page

Authors Homepage =

Authors Name = MaudDib

Port of the classic Elite for the GP32.

Download from Here


At the title screen, press twice "Start Button".

During game, press "L Button" to show "Keyboard Screen". ( functions key F1 to F11 )
Or press "R Buton" to show "Keyboard Screen 2" ( In flight functions )
Select functions with "Up and Down Buttons".
Valid with "Start Button".

During Flight :
Press "A Button" to fire laser.
Press "Cross" to move.
With "B + Right and Left" you can increase/decrease speed.


Move to the "devkitadv" compiler.
Major Bug in the original code: write out the array bound in the function add_nex_ship !!! ( One week lost )
Minor fix in the render_sun function

Bug Fix in the Quit Screen.
Bug Fix in Message Info

port of the "math.h" from cygwin to gp32inc for use with libm.a ( before that I use my own math.h )

28/05/02: Realease v0.04
Major Update main loop for better drawing .( mainly console )
Minor Fix in show cash info in screen "Market" and "buy Equip"
Update in "Galactic Shart" and "Short Range Chart", now you can maintain the "cross button" to move the selection cross.

27/05/02: Realease v0.03
Major Fix Bug In function DrawPoly
Scanner Position Object Fix
Bug fix in function DrawCircle
Add Simple Circle for compass.
Add another Keyboard Screen for in flight command ( Pause and resume don't work )

24/05/02: Keyboard Fix
Now you can maintain the "cross" to flight.
With "B + Right and Left" you can increase/decrease speed.
Change my "make.bat" to "makefile" with Make util

24/05/02: Release v0.02
Improved Keyboard Management : Finish 50 %
Draw Lasers

23/05/02 : Bug Fix
Done in "Options Screen" (still 1 (minor) Bug in the "Settings Screen" )
Done in "Equip Ship Screen"
Done in "Market Price Screen"
In "Short Range Chart Screen" : Display the distance between Planet
In "Galactic Chart Screen": Display the distance between Planet - Center the View
In "Data On ... Screen" : Bug Fix Display Distance
Improved Keyboard Management ( Push L ) : Not Finish

22/05/02 : Initial Realease v0.01
Very slow on GeePee32 emulator ( I don't have a real GP32 )
No Save / No Load ( No file Access )
No Sound
Very Minimal Command ( Start - A Buttons - L and R - Cross )
Very Buggy


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