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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Emulators






Playstation emulator for the GP32



Not Yet

Information - Latest News

I did some fixes.
* fixed the icon palette.
* Fixed pixel format.
* I fixed some bugs in the file I/O routines.
* Added some switch for removing unused code at compile time for GP32 (every byte of free ram is precious!).
* Added a basic ISO plugin.

"Yeah! It's true gold!!!"
Before telling you this sentence, I must say that these screenshots wanted an entire afternoon!
I don't think I can live enought for testing something else...
However, Ridge Racer is the only game I could put into the SMC file because it's very small, as many of you know.

Well well, I wanted to decide something:
* you will use another program for configuring the options. Sorry, but FPSE needs all available ram.

* I also wanted to add controls, because they are "dummy" for now. For using less space, I think it would be better to make them hardcoded, and I explain the reason.
By looking a photo of a GP32, I can see a directional pad with other six buttons.
I was thinking to assign a button as "alternative function".
For example, let's think that L button is the alternate function activator.
When it's pressed, A and B may work as triangle and square buttons.
So, when it's released, A and B will work as cross and circle.
This is an idea I got. But if somebody think to know a better system, I will be glad to read here his suggestions.

* It seems that the GpFileOpen() doesn't accept the file names in Unix format. It wants the dos '\\' separator only. Is it true?

Here there is a little present too, for GP32 coders.
I'm thinking that fread() and fwrite() functions were bugged.
I attached here my version.
If the GpFileOpen() function doesn't want the Unix format, we can add a small piece of code into fopen() for converting the '\\' to '/', right?

This is the end of the first coding done for the GP32.
Now I will continue again my WMMX and XScale engines for a while...







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