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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Emulators






Spectrum emulator for the GP32







fZX32 is a portable Spectrum emulator based on ASpectrum,FUSE,X128 and Caprice.

fZX32, a fully featured Spectrum emulator with the following features:

- Amazing speed! All games play frameskip 0 @ 133 mhz with contended memory and sound emulation,
- No compatibility bugs found (tested more than 800 games),
- Emulation of ZX 16, ZX 48, ZX 128, ZX +2, ZX +2A and ZX +3 spectrum models.
- Full working animated savestates and loadstates,
- Full SCR/ROM/BIN/TAP/DSK/SNA48/SNA128/SP/Z80(any)/ZIP loading, (packed files using ZLib)
- Full kempston, cursor, fuller, sinclair1, sinclair 2 joystick emulation.
- Fuller audio box emulation,
- Accurate border emulation,
- AY-3-8912 and beeper sound emulation,
- NEC PD765A floppy disk controller emulation,
- Interface II cartidge emulation,
- Mikro-plus cartridge emulation (Shadow of the Unicorn),
- Gray monitor emulation,
- Instant tape loading,
- Tone pilot generation and real tape noise when real mode tape loading,
- Preliminary TZX tape support (only block #10 tapes),
- Preliminary contended memory emulation (multicolor effects),
- Preliminary floating bus emulation,
- Virtual Keyboard suppoprt,
- Ericcson chatboard support,
- Crystal AY sound rendering output, using CHN's library (thx dude),
- Saving screenshots to PNG format, using my own library,
- CRC32 ROM naming detection using TOSEC DB by TOSEC team (thx guys!),
- Improved fileselector (slower scrolling, ability to delete roms, no-roms/only-4-roms bug fixed)
- Fast fileselector (able to scan some hundred zipped roms per minute),

What's lacking:

- crystal 48k beeper sound emulation (wait for the next release),
- adding betadisk interface and some russian spectrum models,
- adding gunstick
- adding kempston amx
- adding more missing options
- adding RF multiplayer
- fixing known bugs as usual :-)





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