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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Emulators


GP Advance



Gameboy Advance emulator for the GP32




GP Advance v1.49 BLU + version Here

HERE v1.49 ROMS go in gpmm\gpadv

Rom Converter



Classic emulators have to emulate everything (i.e. processor, RAM, ROM, video processor, keys, timers, ...) with only the use of the computer processor, that is why you need at least a 700Mhz computer to emulate a small gba (which has a 16MHz processor). The GP32 processor is compatible with the GBA one, so the first idea is to not emulate the gba processor but to directly run the code present in the GBA roms. Of course it is not as simple as to rename a .gba file to a .gxb file, but it runs !

The continuation soon...


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