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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Emulators






Colecovision emulator for the GP32






GPColem is a port of COLEM (COlecovision emulator) to the GP32 handled console
by Consolius

V0.3: 13/07/2003
* Now working at 66MHz! (at 99MHz, it seems it was causing trouble with some GP32!!)
* removed reset with START key

V0.2: 09/07/2003
* Sound support(noise generator may be a bit too hard ;-)?)
* Alphabetic sort of roms solved
* readme.txt now in the archive !!!

V0.1: 06/07/2003
Initial release.
* Emulation seems to be ok for most of the games.
* 100% speed
* 2 PADs emulation (I noticed that the PAD emulation was giving problems with few games but it is
more than acceptable in 95% of the cases)
* Sound still missing!

Put your roms together with the Coleco system roms in \gpmm\colroms.

L: ROM loader menu (select with up/down and A,B or select to start)

R: Joystick control sub menu:
First press : ColPaD1
Second press: ColPad2
Third press : Leave joystick menu.
Use UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and SELECT to control the numerical keyboard.
Note that pressing SELECT will execute the selected key and leave the pad menu, but also activate
the current pad for the control.
Give a long press on the select key (some games are capricious!)

UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT for directional control.
B or SELECT: fire1
A : fire2

I am curently searching for a Web space to publish the project homepage.
If any GP32 web site is interrested just contact me.

Send yours comments to (Consolius)


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