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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Interpreters


GP Frotz




GpFrotz, a frotz port for a standard C library and a GP32.





GpFrotz, a frotz port for a standard C library and a GP32.

I needed a GP32 version of text IO and I ported dumb frotz as a test for it.

If anyone else finds it useful, feel free to use it, but dont complain about the release.
The source is included, it compiles perfectly using mrmirkos SDK.

I made this for myself so that I could play HHGTTG on the go, it works for many other z machine games
graphics and sound are happily ignored. As is much of the menu stuff which does not provide echoing while in menus.

What is in there:
A port of Dumb Frotz with some added features like a status line for score and so on that works for most games.
Source for everything using mrmirko SDK is included for anyone that does not like this release.
I also added a text file reader which uses word indexing to give fast updates and line wrapping.
The interpreter keeps track of text ammount and if it is about to scroll past the page, a press any key notice is given.

The text file reader is intended for reading invisiclues or walkthroughs WHILE playing the game.

So if you get stuck, just press "start" and read invisiclues or walkthrough to know how to continue.


Put Z-machine game files in GPMM\FROTZ
Put invisiclue textfiles or textfile walkthroughs in GPMM\DOCS


Chatboard for entering text:
- shift e for enter
- backspase for erasing one char

- No other special features such as arrowkeys or history have been implemented

- When saving or loading ingame, use chatboard to enter file names.

While in file browser or text file viewer:
- Joystick to go up and down (in file viewer it is slightly too fast)
- L and R for page up and down when viewing text files for speedy browsing.


Menus do not echo to screen i.e. if the menu says press p to go up, if you press p and then enter (shift e)
the menu actually goes up although nothing happens on screen.

Some times an additional enter is needed when the computer writes press any key, other times only the key is necessary.

Probably many things that I have not tested since the only game I have tested is HHGTTG


Thats All Folks!


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