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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Ports/Applications

Name GPQuake

Author Woogal



Download Here v0.6 14th August 2005


Only a beta release at the minute. Lots of new stuff including a little speed increase (thanks to gcc 4.0.1), but I think saved games may be even more broken (hence why this is only a beta). I've been trying lots of hacks to get the saved games working, and I've managed to reduce the saving time, but I'm still getting corrupt files (shouldn't corrupt any other config files any more though). I'm not sure if it's still quake at fault or if my smc is finally on it's way out, so please let me know your experiences with loading and saving. If you have saved games from 0.5 that work then make a backup first as you could easily lose them by running this version!

Demos are also now working in this version, which means the timedemo command also works. If you have a chatboard, type 'timedemo demo1' (or demo2 or demo3) into the console and it will play through the demo then at the end you will be shown the average frames per second. Could some kind person with a chatboard who can overclock high (200mhz+) please do me a favour and post all average fps values from 160mhz upwards (I can only reach 160mhz on a good day). You could even post values with turbo on/off and doublesize on/off if you get bored . The 200mhz value should be particularly interesting as it should show the worse possible case for gpx2Quake (assuming the gpx2 doesn't have hardware floating point - I've seen posts that say it will have but I'm not going to get my hopes up until I have actual hardware in my hands).

Here's the full list of changes -

Approx 10% speed increase (roughly 1 fps) by compiling with gcc 4.0.1 (tested at 160mhz with 'timedemo demo1').
CD emulation added (11khz 8bit mono wav). (check the readme for music instructions)
Console commands that interact with files now work (eg map).
FPS optimisation variables taken from fuhquake (r_fastsky, r_fastturb).
Removed unnecessary options (mouse speed and invert mouse).
Demos fully enabled, but not activated automatically for loading speed reasons. Press start on menu before starting game to see demos (or use playdemo command).
Timedemo command now available (plays demo and calculates average fps - very useful for testing the effect of optimisation variables).
Added cmdlist and cvarlist console commands.
Status bar is visible in doublesize mode. Can be toggled on/off in options screen (or with doublesizestatus 0).
Games save quicker.
Doublesize mode bugfix when saving doublesize settings.


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