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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Emulators


Kronos GP32


Mirko Roller


GrafikTextAdventure Emulating System for Infocom, ZCode and Magnetic Scrolls games for the GP32






Mirko Roller
Kronos, is a GrafikTextAdventure Emulating System, it can handle now all Magnetic Scrolls Adventures.
Later i include support for Infocom,ZCode games and Scott Adams style adventures.
Kronos will only work with a Chatboard. ( A little keyboard for your gp32 )
More information here:
Kronos is based on the free magnetic engine.
You can also Download the games there, so i think its okay, putting them to this archive.
Put kronos.fxe to gpmm
Put all games to the folder gpmm/kronos
To play a Game, you need the gfx and mag file of each game.
Name them, like shown here:
corrupt.gfx fish.gfx guild.gfx jinxter.gfx myth.gfx pawn.gfx
corrupt.mag fish.mag guild.mag jinxter.mag myth.mag pawn.mag
You can save and load your gamestat, by typing "load" and "save" during
gameplay. Your savegames will be saved in gpmm/kronos/ folder.
You can display the current picture by pressing the < key on chatboard.
Sometimes the Chatboard bahaves strange, press the "SMS" key to reinit
the Chatboard.have fun,
Mirko Roller


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