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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Emulators




Thunder Z


Neo Geo Pocket emulator for the GP32






.:: NeoGp32 - NeoGeo Pocket Emulator for GP32 by ThunderZ ::..

Release Note :

Alpha V2 Public Version alias "NeoGP32 - Reborn - 15 days 2003":
After my HD crach this summer i loose a lot of data (personal and coding).
Upfully i've refound on a old CD the Alpha code source version 1 week after the 15 days compo.
So in the same time i work on other project here it's an other contribution to the compo.
This is the reborn thanks to my old CD. ^_^
I hope you will like it.
Here some change i made :
* Little Speed optimisation, smooth play
* Tweak Black and White mode for some game
* New Gui
* TLCS900H and Z80 running twice syncronised for the sound
* Due to lake of time i've disabled the sound beacause it was too bad (maybe in next release ^_^)

* First release on the public for this emu.
* The TLCS900H (core cpu) and the Z80 (sound cpu) are running for make game run.
* The sound output is actually disabled because of crappy sound.
* The new gfx engin is on the way so actually some color game are buggy and black and white game are not playable.
* ZIP support disabled.
* SAVE/LOAD state not enabled on this version.

Installation :
Put the emulator on the GPMM directorie.
Put your rom file on GPMM\NEOGP32 directorie.

Thanks to :
Mr-Spiv, CHN, Mithris, YoyoFR, Laxer3a, Rlyeh, Fagemul, AtrKid, Fx-Man,
Rico, Kojote, Guyfawkes, Mr_Trans and all i forgot.

Wait for the next release. ^_^





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