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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Emulators






Snes emulator for the GP32


Download Here 10th October 2005

I've noticed that the saving is broken on the last release I made, hopefully I've fixed this now so try the download below.

Here 8th October 2005 BLU+ Fixed Version

Here 6th Octpber 2005

I have succeded in improving the current sound core, I moved the sound rendering to a DMA interrupt driven system. A section of sound is now rendered and played using a DMA, when the DMA completes it uses a interrupt to render some more code to play. Its a very clean setup and saves having to do all the messing around that Yoyofr had to do before in order to get clean sound.

I've also noticed that there must be a bug in the "fastmode" option on the video menu because then this in enabled the sound crackles and when it is off the sound is clear.

I've still got to fix the BLU+ and saving problems but here is another release for people to play with.

Here 1st October 2005

Opensnes, BLU+ option and ASM cpu core

Yep what it says on the can.

I've not tested the BLU+ option as I do not own a BLU+. So if someone could let me know if it is okay, that would be great.

HERE 29th September 2005



I've been messing around with OpenSnes by Yoyofr, I finally got it to compile using ADS and I have added some more cpu speeds to it.

This build is not using the asm cpu core as it is not in a ADS compatible format so I'm going to need to convert it over the next few days. Once I've done this I may have a go at adding a faster spc emulator to it ( pocketspc ).

Anyway the binary is here and the source is here.

If you plan on compiling this you'll need to use the Debug release of Gamepark SDK for ADS as the release version is broken.




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