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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Ports/Applications

Name = GpScummVM GP32

Authors Homepage

Authors Name ph0x, DJ Willis, Hexedited by bast525

Description Port of the ScummVm for the GP32.


Download from Here


gpScumm Pack

Included in this gpScumm is:
- The original ph0x v.3 port of GP scumm
- The original ph0x v.3 included in his original zip pack, underclocked to run at 132mhz... runs great, but with very crackly sound.
- ph0x v.3 hex edited by me to run 156mhz... sound is somewhere in between the first two, havent gotten it to lock up
- ph0x v.3 hex edited by me to run 160mhz... sound is about the same as 156mhz, a tad cleaner, and hasn't locked up on me yet
- The DJ Willis v.5 alpha port of GP Scumm (latest release I've found). In three flavors, just like with the v.3, which are 132, 156, and 160 mhz.


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