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Gamepark 32 (GP32) Emulators


Speccyal K




Spectrum emulator for the GP32



HERE v0.7



Speccyal K is Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k & 128k emulator for the GamePark GP32 handheld console.

Currently, it's quite advanced and support the following features :

- Emulates the 48k and 128k models
- Can load SNA / TAP / Z80 (v1.45, v2.01, v3) / SLT / SCR file formats
- Virtual keyboard to enter any key and thus allowing a greater compatibility. It also allows entering the LOAD"" command on the basic command line to load the TAP file format.
- Full speed @ 132 mhz
- Mame z80 cpu core for great compatibility
- Beeper Sound and AY-3-8910 sound fully supported
- Options screen with options to choose the joystick emulation (sinclair1, sinclair2, cursor), the emulated hardware ... Options can be saved on the SMC.
- Kempston / Fuller joy emulation
- File browser with possibility to load a file anywhere on the SMC card
- Custom keys : key configs are saved for each game
- Savestates : press L + SELECT to save a game. The savestate will be automatically loaded the next time this game is selected.
- Fullscreen mode (somewhat slower & uglier :) )


Put the roms (128-0.rom and 128-1.rom) and speccyal.fxe in \GPMM.

The snapshots files can be anywhere on the SMC.

Keys :

- L : 'shift' key
- L + R : Options screen ("Select" button to save on SMC, "B" button to quit without saving)
- R : File browser
- START: reset machine
- SELECT: virtual keyboard ("B" button to choose a key). Note: if you want to load a .TAP file from 48k basic, press
'J' (LOAD), then " and then ", and finally enter ('en' in the virtual keyboard).
- A : fire (can be customized in the options menu)
- B : ENTER (can be customized in the options menu)
- L + SELECT : Save game (will be automatically loaded the next time this game is selected)

Have fun !




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